About Us

Aloe Finesse Skin & Body is the first South African Aloe Ferox Skincare Range to combine all the active ingredients of the actual Aloe Ferox plant in all our products.

Why Aloe Finesse

Instead of having many different products to treat your skin, all products contains all the essential parts of the plant to treat any skin condition. Our entire skincare range is formulated for all skin types, with the exception of our moisturizers.

Our Products are paraben free, NOT tested on animals and manufactured for Aloe Finesse International in South Africa.

Harvesting of the Aloe Ferox Plant

We are still performing the traditional method of harvesting Aloe Ferox leaves.

The Aloe plant is NOT damaged or killed during harvesting, we are actually stimulating the growth of the plant by our method of harvesting.

The Aloe Ferox plants we use for our products are still harvested in the wild. NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides exposure African Cape Aloe is NOT endangered.

The History Of Aloe Finesse

My love for Aloe started 10 years ago. I was introduced to Aloe by my dear mother who lives in the Western Cape.

After using an Aloe brand I changed to another and then to another.

I realized that the ingredients were bleached and not as pure, it was at that exact moment Aloe Finesse was born.

My dream was to have an Aloe Product, containing the maximum amount of raw material legally allowed, yet still affordable. I also wanted a range suitable for everyone, the entire family. I wanted a small range, a range where we didn’t need many different products for all the different skin conditions but rather one that works for everyone and everything.

This was a tall order, but with my more that 20 years experience in the beauty industry, having worked nationally and internationally I knew exactly what I wanted, and was set on achieving the goals I put in place.

I partnered with a South African laboratory who understood my needs, understood what I wanted to achieve, and after many months of different formulations and endless testing the Aloe Finesse Skincare Range was born.

My aim is to keep adding quality, affordable products to my range.

I hope you will have as much satisfaction using my products, as I had creating them.