Why Aloe Ferox in Aloe Finesse?

Aloe Ferox has been viewed as the miracle plant and is widely known as “The Green Doctor”

Aloe Ferox contains a massive 20 times more sap than its relative, Aloe Vera as well as containing higher nutrient levels.
With its Spice name referring to “ferocious” we can see why, with the results achieved by this little treasure.
Aloe ferox originated from South Africa and it was widely distributed throughout the tropics and sub tropics where it grown as ornamental and medicinal plant. It is a grandfather of Aloes.

The yellow bitter sap and white gel are present in aloe leaves. Among these gels, the bitter sap lies underneath the green peel and is part of the peel.
The inner fleshy portion of aloe leaves consists of a mucous material, called aloe gel which is not bitter.

What does Aloe Ferox do?

Aloe Ferox is commonly used in skincare to treat inflammation, which makes it excellent for sunburn, irritated skin conditions and blemished skin. Adding to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also contains antioxidants, acts as an analgesic and a detoxicant, and has antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties!

Aloe Ferox is the main ingredient in all our products, hence the name Aloe Finesse.

It works on all skin types (especially sensitive skins) and helps improve skin texture by balancing oil and water levels in the skin, contributing to the exfoliation of the top layer of skin.
It is also high in amino acid, the building block for healthy, glowing skin, which also helps to treat irritated skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and preventing pre mature ageing.

The medical industry has also taken note of its healing properties.
In 1967, a surgeon on Prof. Christiaan Barnard's first heart transplant team noted that applying Aloe Ferox gel to wounds accelerated the production of cells responsible for collagen production. This was confirmed by later studies showing the healing properties of aloe sap, which is high in polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals (which all work to aid collagen production and fight the signs of ageing).

Over 130 biological active compounds consisting of fatty acid, sterols, sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids and carbohydrates have been identified from different parts of the Aloe Ferox Plant.

With the formulation of the Aloe Finesse Products strict instructions were given by CEO, Suryn vd Merwe not to bleach any of the raw materials added to the products, therefor the yellow, brownish color of the products. All the products in the Aloe Finesse range also contain both the bitter and non bitter parts of the plant ensuring the active ingredients of the plant works in harmony with all other ingredients added to the range.

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